You have reached the home of 45.000 Website Supporters.

We are a community of like-minded website owners that can't stand mediocre websites any longer. Every week, we address one website improvement topic and take action steps implementing the improvements. We also help each other through the forums. 

This is our vision:

Have a measurably more succesful website within a year.

This is our mission:

Improve our websites every week, one step at a time, by implementing improvements related to a weekly theme and help and motivate each other to do so.

Currently, we are only represented in The Netherlands and in Flanders (Belgium). We are looking for partners in other countries around the world that share our vision and mission and want to expand WebsiteSupporters to their country.

If you know of such a person, or perhaps you yourself have the critical mass to pull this off in your country, please contact us at Alphamega, as Alphamega is the initiator and driving force behind

Tip: please feel free to browse around the Dutch pages of this website. Use Google Translate to get an impression of what it's all about.